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  "I've subscribed to alert services before but none have really returned any relevant results... I use the results constantly and have come to rely on the service to keep me up to date."

"Very useful service. I am finding references to my company that I was not aware of as well as numerous web sites covering my area of interest that I had not seen before."

"A must-have service. I use it to ensure I am immediately aware of all new research grant programs that are relevant to my clients. This gives them maximum time to prepare and maximum opportunity to succeed."

"I know a good thing when I see it. Just promise me that you won't discontinue this service - EVER!"

"I have been very pleased... It has saved me many hours searching on the web."

"Your service is indispensible to any publisher on the web... has let us know about copyright infringements, great reviews about our site, and stuff we'd NEVER find on our own! Keep up the great work!"

"I like this site to be able to follow what is happening in the electronics industry."

"Thank you SO much!... Your service came highly recommended by a member of a writers group I belong to and has lived up to the glowing endorsements. Thanks, again!"

"I've been researching holistic health for my dealing with MS. I've received great information and have brought much of it up to my doctors who are glad I'm taking an active role. Thanks."

"Your excellent service provides me with leads in regard to academic interests that I ordinarily might not come across."

Find yourself

"Very handy if your obsession with tracking book reviews is taking over your life."

"It's useful for finding responses I make on various blogs."

"I... watch for any changes in search results for keywords tied to my other Web pages. It's an excellent service."

"I really like this service for genealogy."

"Thank you to the wizards who came up with this one"

Save time

"Great tool and idea! Its works for me and so I have more time for thinking about the main things in my job!"

"It is a nice service! It keeps me informed without the need to repeat the search manually and sort out the known links. Thanks!"

"Love it!!!! Thanks. Save hours and hours of repeating the same search over and over again"

Stay ahead

"They enable me to keep in touch with the topics I am interested in without having to surf the web for hours to find the same info."

"I can have articles brought to my attention that I might not have seen otherwise."

"You have provided a wonderful service which I use on my website and refer to all."

"Fun powerful interesting innovative changing fresh useful. Don't change."

Easy to use

"A great tool - thanks for providing it to the Internet community! I really like its simple design - very easy to use."

"As far as I am concerned... PERFECT and should remain like it is!... Thank you..."

"Thnx. been impressed with the ease and reliability of your service; keep up the good work; I am a teacher and often need additional info for bibliographies etc. Thanx again. "

Help the world

"We run a children's charity in Fiji (we are based in the UK) and we... keep track of relevant happenings across the other side of the world."

"This is a great service. I work for a California Indian tribe and use the site to track legislation activity and repatriation issues. I wish I had discovered it years ago!"

"I use the service to search for information about a health problem. I appreciate the service very much."

"We are non-profit organization for the blind..."

"Mainly for bat conservation and some sources are used for general information collection"

"I'm a poor Brazilian Librarian... Greetings for all for this wonderful work.... a very useful tool to my job."

Have fun

"This was good when we were planning our vacation. Thanks."

"This service is very helpful in keeping me abreast of sites having to do with the celebrities I'm interested in. Keep up the good work!"

"I... keep track of a political candidate and a defunct TV show."

"I... track Political interests of these times!"

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